Gardening in Central Oregon

I was born in raised in Portland,  lived in Southern Oregon, the Rogue Valley, specifically, and the Salem/Keizer area of the Mid-Willamette Valley before moving to Central Oregon. 

Having lived in the fertile Willamette Valley where  Agriculture, one of the main Oregon industries thrives, I thought I had gardneing down. I had success with a beautiful yard and decided I'd replicate it here in sunny Bend. Ha! it took me two years/seasons to realize, I wasn't in Kansas anymore Toto!

We have a shorter growing season. What that means is while we have gorgeous sunny days we have cold nights with temperatures still in the mid-to-low 30s often into May. 

For the tehcnical gardnerners, we are what they refer to as Zone 6a or 6b in most of Central Oregon. You want to purchase plants that deemed safe for this zone.

I have been fooled more than once by Mother Nature and planted my pots too soon just to have to replace the plants that froze overnight.

Chances are where ever you're living in beautiful sunny Central Oregon, you're on lava. This may mean you'll have good drainage but you'll want to add dirt/soil as digging the ground for planting is a back breaker. 

I have gone to raised bed for flowers and vegetables. My back is happier, the roots are happier and the pretty blossoms that greet me prove they are happier too!

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